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Looking for a Hero?

Memofix Data Recovery Services, a division of Memofix Hitech Services Inc. is looking for a talented data recovery specialist to fill a permanent position at our data recovery lab in Concord, Ontario. If you have a passion for problem solving, an unquenchable lust for knowledge and really enjoy helping people and businesses recover their irreplaceable data, we may have a home for you.

As a data recovery technician, you will join our team of proven data recovery professionals in our quest to become the most technically capable data recovery service company in the world. To become the greatest, we are looking for experts in many areas. We need skilled hard drive surgeons experienced in resuscitating damaged and crashed hard drives. We need PC3000 masters with in-depth knowledge of hard drive system areas (secret OS of the hard drive). And we need file system specialists with an intricate understanding of the various operating systems as well as a thorough understanding of RAID variations and rebuilding techniques.

If you have post secondary education in computers and 2 or more years of experience in the areas listed below, we want to talk to you;

  • Diagnosing and identifying hard drive problems.
  • Diagnosing and repairing of defective hard drive PCBs including NVRAM transfers.
  • Identifying defective heads and replacement techniques in a cleanroom environment.
  • Dealing with seized spindle motors.
  • Transplanting of disks into a new body and motor.
  • Using the PC3000, Data Extractor and other specialized hard drive tools.
  • Specialized techniques such as individual head imaging.
  • Performing hard drive hot swaps with a system area compatible donor drive and PCB.
  • Identifying, repairing and rebuilding file system structure damage in FAT, NTFS, MAC and Linux type operating systems.
  • Identifying striping schemes and pertinent parameters in various flavors of RAID.
  • Repairing and Rebuilding RAID arrays physically and virtually using various software tools.

Memofix offers competitive salaries, equal opportunities, a full benefits package, and a wonderful work environment for all of our employees.

If you have the skills, aptitude, and desire to join a team dedicated to becoming the best at recovering the world’s data, please send your resume to me at  Please reference “Hero Ad” in your email subject  line.



Canada’s Astronaut Chooses Memofix!

canadian data recoveryLast month we received a crashed 2.5″ 2TB Western Digital hard drive for recovery. We see a lot of these drives but this one was special as it came from one of Canada’s most famous explorers of space .. Chris Hadfield … Canada’s Astronaut!

Chris has a team of support people who help him make decisions and complete his various obligations. When Chris’ hard drive died, his team began reviewing and researching where to send it for data recovery. They contacted a number of their top choices but ultimately chose Memofix Data Recovery Services.

We think they made a wise decision and considering the great 5 star review he gave us, he must have too.


Thanks Chris, your praise and recommendation are very much appreciated.


Almost every month someone in Canada sends a hard drive that has been involved in a house fire. They often resemble burnt bricks like the picture below of a drive we recently received from a client in London, Ontario.  None of our techs were in a hurry to get their hands dirty, but as terrible as these situations look, there is often an easy recovery lurking just under the mess!

data recovery

Plastic melts easily and this external hard drive is in-cased in plastic like a pair of jeans on a teenager in the 80’s.
data recovery


But with a little invasive surgery we are able to free the hard drive from its prison.

But will the prisoner be able to talk?

As we have discussed various times in this blog, it is the condition of the disks that will ultimately decide if we can make this hard drive talk again. So let’s open the bonnet and have a peak under the hood …



WOW! It looks pristine. Notice the lack of any contamination due to the fire or the liquids used to douse it. We proceeded to perform a full recovery on this case by replacing only the PCB





Below is another fire victim from a client in Montreal, Quebec which was not in such great shape when we opened the lid.  In fact, it may not be recoverable  … but we’ll never know for sure as the client declined our quote.

As a general rule for data recovery purposes, fire damaged drives are not typically unrecoverable due to the heat and smoke of the fire, BUT more often, it is the excessive use of firefighting liquids that do the damage, especially if they are allowed to dry out. The drying out leaves mineral and other debris deposits on the disks which are tough to overcome.




And here is a look of what happens when someone applies power to a fire damaged hard drive that has had the sealed assembly breached. You can see the deep ring on the inside of the disk where the heads are. This disk drive will NOT be recoverable.




So if you have a sad looking case of melted data don’t give up hope, data recovery may be as easy as a PCB replacement.