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Toronto Data Recovery

As the morning sun peeks through the skyscrapers of downtown Toronto and the warmth of its rays tickle your face, your world seems so safe, so tranquil, so at peace. You press the power on your laptop computer and are mildly surprised when the familiar beeps fail to materialize. Looking at your screen you see nothing but a flashing cursor. So with minimal concern you reset the power, gaze out over a waking Toronto and diligently wait for the familiar beeps before heading for your coffee. But unbeknownst to you, today will be a little different than the last 934 days. Today your computer won’t boot! Today you lost your data! Today you need data recovery!

Panic sets in as your brain begins to assess the gravity of the situation. You remember the 37 page proposal you’ve been working on non-stop for 3 weeks. Usually you would have copies of your data stashed on your desktop at work or even on your computer at home. But again, this time is different, there is no backup! GULP! The most important client you’ve had in years is expecting it tomorrow. If you get the contract, your worries will evaporate for months to come, maybe even years. If you don’t, well things could get really tough around here. .. 

data recovery Toronto
Toronto Data Recovery

Every day in thousands of businesses and homes across the Toronto GTA, across Canada and across the world, a similar scenario is unfolding. Data is being lost!

What would you do? Where would you seek help? Are you located in the Toronto area or close by in the golden horseshoe, perhaps Hamilton, Oakville, Kitchener, Waterloo, or even Markham?

If you’re like our Toronto friend above, Thomas McAllister, you called your IT manager for help. Once the IT manager determined that the hard drive had an operational problem, he recommended Memofix Data Recovery Services, Toronto’s oldest data recovery service provider.

Thomas called us just after 9 am Toronto time and the severity of his situation was not hidden in his voice. It was apparent he needed his data recovered by tomorrow’s sunrise or he would need to start working on his resume. To Thomas the situation was that critical. After discussing his case with him, we were able to assure him we had the parts in stock at our Toronto facility and we’re ready to attempt his data recovery within the hour of it being received.

By 11am we received his Toshiba laptop for hard drive data recovery. A quick analysis determined that one of the 4 heads was no longer functional. Within an hour we had replaced the complete defective head assembly and had the hard drive imaging, albeit with some read errors. Thankfully the disk drive was only 160GB and by 3pm our imaging of the used areas was complete. Although the data recovery had some damaged files as a result of the read errors, the most critical file was in pristine shape and was tested with no errors. Due to the small size of the file we were able to email it to Thomas at his office in downtown Toronto. By 3:30pm, Thomas was breathing a little easier and our mission was complete.

Now, not all our data recovery cases can be completed this fast, but if you’re in the Toronto area, be aware that our data recovery service lab, located in Vaughan, has the most extensive inventory of hard disk drive parts in Canada. While other Toronto data recovery service providers must wait days for parts and likely even charge more, we are often able to complete a data recovery in the same day. If time is not your friend … call on Toronto’s Memofix Data Recovery Services.

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