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How Encryption Can Make Data Recovery Harder

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These days, everyone seems to be concerned with protecting sensitive information from prying eyes. For that reason, encryption software has grown in popularity. However, not everything needs to be that secure. In addition, encryption can make it harder to recover lost data when your hard drive crashes or your laptop takes a fall.


What Encryption Does to Your Files

Encryption is a process that transforms and disguises data so that it can only be read by those with the right code or password. In theory, this seems like a good idea. However, when you use encryption, it actually alters the data rather than just hiding it. When you need data recovered from a hard drive, USB, or other device that has been encrypted, the data can be recovered but you will not be able to read the recovered data without the password or the key file that was created with the encryption software.


Self-Encrypting Devices

Many hard drives and solid state drives (SSD) are self-encrypting devices (SED), which means that they have a controller chip that automatically encrypts and decrypts all of the device’s data. The problem with SEDs is that there are no decryption methods. If the drive experiences physical damage, the data is lost.


If you work in an industry that handles sensitive financial data or has other information that needs to be protected, encryption may be a necessity. If that is the case, be sure to:

  • Back up your data regularly
  • Create a key file and store it in a secure location
  • Record all usernames and passwords in a secure location
  • Use encryption software rather than a SED

Taking the above precautions can help you avoid losing your data.


Even if you’re dealing with encrypted data, data recovery can be achieved! At Memofix Data Recovery Services, we have regularly recovered data that was encrypted with Bitlocker, PPG, Safeboot, SafeGuard, SecureDoc, EFS, and other software encryption programs. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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