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With the introduction of the modern digital camera around 1995, it didn’t take long for the public to adopt the new technology in mass. Today almost everyone has accumulated vast amounts of pictures and videos. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur shutterbug, you have no doubt experienced the distress of finding your camera memory card unreadable whether in your camera or on your computer. If you find yourself in such a situation and the pictures or video are simply irreplaceable, we can help with your digital camera data recovery!

There are two main causes of data loss or inaccessibility on photos, pictures or video cards.

  1. LOGICAL – In this scenario, the cameras card or photo/video card is physically functional. You may not be able to access the photos or video on it, but if you re-formatted it, it would work perfectly well for storing new images. And by the way, if you do re-format your photo card we can usually still recover your old pictures and video. Just like your computer, every camera uses a file operating system to organize where it stores images on the memory device. Your images may become inaccessible because the file system structures have become corrupted or overwritten. This may result from several scenarios including:
    Accidental deletion Corrupted memory No images/ Card Empty
    Formatted Memory Corrupted pictures Power Interruption or Spike
    Battery Died Defective Camera Read errors
    Deleted Video Cable problem Re-initialized Re-formatted


  2. PHYSICAL – The camera or photo card is NOT functioning properly. Camera cards are very similar to USB flash sticks in architecture. The entire device inside consists of a controller chip and one or more integrated memory chips. Either of these components can be damaged as a result of:
    Critical Read Errors Thunderstorm Damage Fire or Water Damage
    Defective Controller Defective Electronics PCB Physical Abuse
    Cracked or Damaged Shell AC Power surge Bad Controller Chip
    Connector damaged Prolonged Heat ESD Static damage

p>Data Recovery from photo and video memory cards begins with an attempt to image the entire memory device.

If the device is defective and an image cannot be secured, the problem is further identified as originating from the controller chip or the actual memory chips. If the memory chips are defective, no data recovery will be possible. If the controller is non-operational we can either replace the defective controller or remove and read the individual memory chips.

If the camera card is able to be imaged, the problem will likely be a logical software issue with the file system. In most cases, whether the result of read errors, re-formatting or deleting photos, we will be able to repair or rebuild the necessary file system structures required to access your photos. When you delete or reformat your picture card the file system will basically re-writes the tables or indexes that define where the pictures are stored BUT the actual images will remain. Unlike a computer where the file may be broken into many pieces and stored in many different locations, the camera stores the individual pictures or video sequentially arranged with one image following the next. This is very good for recovery purposes as we can literally search through the raw data for unique photo or video file headers. Once we find a header or start of an image, we can rip off the data from the beginning of the header to the start of the next. While we won’t have the original file names, we will have your images in perfect condition. BUT please be aware that with some cameras the re-format or re-initialization routine may overwrite the entire contents of the card and destroy any chance of seeing your data again.

Memofix can recover pictures, photos and video from all of the most popular types of camera memory cards including:

CF – Compact Flash RSMMC – Reduced Size MultiMedia Card
MMC – MultiMedia Card RSMMCDV – Reduced Size MMC Dual Voltage
MS – Memory Stick SD – Secure Digital
MS Micro – Memory Stick Micro M2 SDHC – Secure Digital High Capacity
MS Pro – Memory Stick Pro Smart Media Flash Card
MS Pro Duo – Memory Stick Pro Duo Transflash – Micro SD Secure Digital
MSD – Mini SD Secure Digital xD – Olympus Picture Card

Not sure what type of memory card your camera uses? Need digital camera data recovery? No worries, we can recover the photos from most cameras and camera memory cards including those manufactured by:

A-Data FujiFilm Kyocera Olympus Sharp
Agfa Gigaram Leica Panasonic Simpletech
ATP Goldstar Lexar Pentax Solemon
Canon Hitachi LG Philips Sony
Casio HP MemoryTen PNY Super Talent
Chinon IBM Minolta Polaroid TopRam
Dane JVC Mitsubishi Richo Transcend
Digital Kingston NEC Samsung Twinmos
Epson Kodak Nikon SanDisk Vivitar
Fuji Konica Nokia Sanyo Yashica

We have the expertise to deal with all photo and video file types including:

ARW – Sony Digital Camera Image MPEG – Movie Pictures Expert Group
AVI – Audio Video Interleave MRW – Minolta Raw Image File
BAY – Casio Raw Image File NEF – Nikon Electronic Format Image File
BMP – Bitmap NRW – Nikon Raw Image File
CR2 – Canon Raw Image File ORF – Olympus Raw Image File
CRW – Canon Raw Image File PNG – Portable Network Graphic
DCM – DICOM Image File RAW – Raw Camera Image
DCR – Kodak Raw Image File RW1 – Leica Raw Image File
DNG – Digital Negative Image File SR2 – Sony Digital Camera Image
JPEG – JPEG Image File SRF – Sony Digital Camera Image
JPG – JPEG Image File TIF – Tagged Image File
JPX – JPEG 2000 Image File TIFF – Tagged Image File Format
MOV – QuickTime X3F – Sigma Raw Image File
MP4 – QuickTime
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