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Mississauga Data Recovery FREE Pickup Service Now Available

Memofix has been providing Mississauga data recovery services for hard drives for over 30 years. Mississauga's Absolute World TowersWe were the 1st and only company authorized by Seagate to provide warranty repair services for their hard drives in Canada. We live, eat, and breath hard drives! If your hard drive is having problems and you NEED to get the data back, choose wisely, choose Memofix.

With our new FREE pickup service, you can even have your hard drive picked up and brought to our Vaughan data recovery lab where we will complete a full evaluation and provide you with a firm quote. All of this for FREE.

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Why Choose Memofix to Retrieve Your Data?

  1. We provide the absolute best chance of success. We have over 30 years of experience with just about every type of storage media made and we hate to lose and will do anything to get your data back.
  2. Like any reputable data recovery company, we do not charge for evaluations or quotes and we guarantee we get your data back to your satisfaction or you don’t have to pay us a dime.
  3. Because we have over 20,000 low-cost hard drives on-hand, we do not usually need to source and order parts drives like our competitors do. Therefore, we can try much harder, we can keep our fees much lower, and we can do it much faster with no delays waiting for parts.
  4. We are ISO certified, ESD protected and have onsite Class 100 clean-room conditions and BGA soldering capabilities.
  5. With over 70 unique 5 star Google reviews, we keep trying to impress you! Click the Google logo to read them.


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