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North York Data Recovery

North York Data Recovery  – FREE Pickup Service

North YorkCanada’s oldest data recovery provider, Memofix, is now offering a free pickup service for our North York data recovery clients. Our driver will arrive at your office or home within a 4 hour time period Mon-Fri to pickup your storage device and deliver it to our data recovery lab in Vaughan the next morning or sooner. We will then complete a full evaluation and provide you with a firm no obligation quote. Scheduling a pickup can be completed by creating a new data recovery case & selecting the pickup option. Click the red button below to create your case now.Memofix  has been providing hard drive and data recovery services from disk drives and RAID servers since 1986. We have more hard drive & RAID expertise then any other data recovery company in Canada and perhaps North America. It is our mission to be the most successful data recovery company in Canada while still being affordable. Try us for your next North York data recovery and see the difference passion and integrity make!

Why Select Memofix for your North York Data Recovery

  • We have 25,000+ hard drives on-hand for parts, more then anyone in Canada.  This facilitates quicker and more accurate evaluations and much faster recoveries. We don’t wait for parts!
  • With so many low cost parts drives, we can afford to keep fees down and try harder … much harder.
  • We don’t give up easily. If its possible, we WILL recover it. We love crashed drives!
  • Every dime we earn is from a satisfied client, otherwise we do not charge.
  • You can trust us, we have over fifty 5 STAR Google reviews. Click the Google Icon –>
  • ISO 9001-2015 certified -> ensures we do what we say the 1st time and every time.
  • and now a FREE pickup service (available when you create create a new case)

Not Sure if you Afford a Data Recovery Service? For an estimate of how much your data recovery may cost,  click the orange button below for a free no obligation quote

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