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RAID Data Recovery & Server Recovery

RAID Data RecoveryRAID data recovery is Memofix’s specialty. RAID arrays are used in most enterprise servers including SAN and NAS devices as well as finding favor in many consumer products.  Whether you have a failing SuperMicro SAN box running 72 6TB hard drives, or a 2-drive WD external hard drive using RAID 0, we have the expertise and resources to repair the defective hard drives, decipher the original RAID parameters, virtually rebuild the RAID array, and reunite you with your valuable data, quickly and efficiently.

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We understand IT professionals prefer to resolve their issues in-house or with the support of the original manufacture. No one wants to pay for something they could have done themselves, but if the data is “life & death” we recommend bringing it to us asap. If you must play, do what the professional do, and image all of the Server or RAID disk drives. Then replace the original hard drives with the new copies and make your attempts on them, thus preserving the original RAID drive members. Be aware that most manufacture’s support staff are trained to restore your server to a boot-able state, NOT preserving the data and definitely not RAID data recovery.

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Why select Memofix for your enterprise level Server & RAID data recovery?

  • Unrivaled experience & recovery techniques for all levels of RAID including RAID6
  • ISO 9001 certified data recovery process and class 100 cleanroom conditions
  • Secure, access controlled ESD compliant data recovery lab with data lockdown
  • Advanced skills & procedures for VMWare, NetApp, SQL and Exchange server platforms
  • Support and resources for SAS, SCSI and FC (Fibre Channel) enterprise hard drives
  • Emergency response team available 24/7 365 days of the year, anywhere, anytime
  • With Canada’s largest inventory of used hard drives there is no delay waiting for parts




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