Data Recovery Services, Hard Drive Recovery, RAID & Server Recovery by Memofix Hitech Services Inc.

Facilities – the Data Recovery Lab

Professional Data Recovery Lab – ISO 9001 Certified

Memofix’s headquarters are located in  a 24,000 square foot facility specifically designed for servicing computer storage devices. Located in Vaughan Ontario (in the Greater Toronto Area or GTA), our Data Recovery Lab is ESD (electro static discharge) compliant and temperature and humidity controlled. These features combined with standardized Class 100 clean-room conditions were implemented to protect your storage device and provide us with the best environment for recovering your data. One charge of static electricity or one dust particle could be detrimental to recovering your data.

Memofix also has a similar U.S. data recovery facility located in Columbus, Ohio.

Data Recovery Lab building

Memofix has invested strategically in the latest data recovery equipment, software & tools;

  • Specialized soldering and desoldering equipment including BGA capabilities for safely repairing damaged PCB or printed circuit boards
  • Memory device programmers for reading, editing and writing the on-board memory device that store each drive’s unique startup parameters and which are so pertinent to the recovery of the data
  • System Area repair tools are constantly being developed by a team of engineers to identify the hidden operating systems on new hard drives as they emerge onto the marketplace
  • Unique tools developed in-house for working with seized spindle motors;
  • Custom written programs for password removal, media imaging, system area repair, and a wide range of other Data Recovery related utilities

Hard drive and Components Inventory

Memofix’s data recovery lab has an inventory of over 25,000 hard drives from over 26 different manufactures. If we don’t have the parts to resurrect your storage device, few others will. If your data is time sensitive, don’t wait for parts; use Memofix for the fastest recoveries possible.

Trained, Skilled and Experienced Technicians and Service Staff

Class 100 Data Recovery Clean Bench

Memofix’s real secret is its people. With over 23 years in the storage business, we have a lot of depth. But even so, to keep up with the constant innovation in storage devices and to ensure we have the utilities we need to recover data today and tomorrow, we have invested heavily in our research department. Not only will we be prepared for such major changes as the end of the 512 bytes per sector format and the desktop emergence of SSD drives but we also have the flexibility to create unique, one of a kind solutions to recovery problems other labs just can’t.

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