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blt_greencheck Data Recovery provides VARS and service providers with incremental service revenue in an area where they may not possess their own expertise.

blt_greencheck Introduces new customers to your Value Added Services.

blt_greencheck Offers your customer a “solution” in their crisis situation by offering a Data Recovery Service with the best possibility of successful data recovery.

“In a highly competitive market, using Memofix Hitech Services Inc has allowed me to bring much needed value added services to my clients. The professionals at Memofix work with me through the entire data recovery process and present me with several options depending on my client needs. The service is always prompt, accurate and honest. I trust and recommend Memofix exclusively.”

Micheal Rozand
Owner – PC Options


Clear communications, consistent updates and ongoing status reports kept us fully informed of the situation and probable outcome.”

Brad Chin, Service Delivery Manager, Microserve

blt_greencheck Growth

  • Financial compensation / additional revenue stream.
  • No up front costs.
  • Ability to provide additional services to customers.
  • Increased store exposure / traffic.

blt_greencheck Marketing Support

  • In store signage.
  • Additional web presence / advertising @
  • Various levels of participation.

blt_greencheck Logistical Support

  • Training.
  • Prepaid courier and cross border arrangements.
  • Pre addressed shipping labels.
  • Approved HDD shipping boxes.
  • Case Forms.
  • Dedicated Customer Service contact.
  • Indemnification against customer claims.
  • Data Recovery service guidelines / training.

Memofix services almost 3000 assorted drives, tapes and systems every month. With such an immense volume of devices, we have had the opportunity
to successfully recover data from virtually every model of hard drive and tape manufactured.

Our skilled technical lab staff has 20+ years of Mechanical Data Recovery experience

66% of drive failures are caused by mechanical failures.
Memofix is one of the few Data Recovery Company’s that can recover data due to physical mechanical failures.

“What Sets Memofix Apart”

Our Lab is equipped with:

  • Proprietary tools to remove platters
  • Specialized software to analyze & repair system area modules
  • Specialized hardware for imaging drives
  • Immediate access to parts
  • Replacement parts knowledge & expertise
  • Stringent procedures to protect the integrity of the data
  • Class 100 clean benches

An inventory of over 25,000 hard drives means no delays and a quick recovery service.

FREE evaluations along with a “No Data, No Charge” policy.

Our results are guaranteed to your satisfaction – No Data, no charge!

No evaluation fees!


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