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What to Send & How

What to Send Us for Data Recovery Service

Source device … Normally we require only the physical media whether that’s a hard drive, tape cartridge or USB flash stick. We do not need your laptop, desktop computer, NAS box, or RAID server.   However, if you are unable to remove the media from your system, you may send us the entire device.

Target device Once we recover your data to your satisfaction, we’ll need to copy it to a new storage device. In anticipation of our success, you may wish to send us a new storage device for this purpose, OR you can later choose to buy one of our competitively priced USB external hard drives for returning your data on.

Packaging and Shipping Instructions

Complete & print the Data Recovery Case Form and affix the Shipping Label with the Case number to your package.

Proper packaging will reduce the chances that your storage device will suffer physical damage during shipping. It will also give us a better chance of recovering your data.  HDD Packaging

  • Insert the storage device into an ESD shielded bag if possible.
  • Pack your device in a box with 2 inches of padding on all sides.
  • Ensure the storage device is not loose inside the box.
  • Do NOT use a plain envelope or bubble pack envelope.
  • Do NOT allow multiple devices to touch each other.


Canada Cases should be addressed to:

Memofix Data Recovery Services
330 Millway Avenue, Unit 3
Vaughan, Ontario
L4K 3W2 
USA Cases should be addressed to:

Memofix Data Recovery Services
7100 Huntley Rd. Suite 111
Columbus, Ohio
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