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Protect Your Data!

If you have critical data that MUST be recovered…

…consider these important tips


DO NOT continue to use your computer. Shut it off. Do nothing else until you evaluate your options. Do not panic!

DO NOT try to regain access by powering your computer on and off again. Continuing to run your computer while you have a failing hard drive or even a failing operating system, may significantly lower or prevent any chance of successfully recovering your data!

DO NOT let anyone, including your company’s reputable IT support technician or your super geek brother-in-law, run any utility on your hard drive unless the drive has been successfully mirrored to another device. And of course, DON’T tamper with the hard drive!


DO check the obvious and ensure the power and data cables are properly connected

TRY to determine if your problem is with your storage device and not your computer. Try connecting your drive to another working system.

As Data Recovery can be an expensive proposition, TRY to calculate how much time and money it would take to recreate your lost data. Consider which of these is the better option for you? Another option may be to live with your most recent backup.

If you are at all unsure, give us a call, we are ready to help you. The advice is free and only a phone call away.

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