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At Memofix we realize many people tend to decide on a data recovery service provider based largely on their data recovery pricing. Of course everybody wants to pay as little as possible, it’s only natural. But be aware that not all data recovery offerings are the same and you may be doing yourself a real disservice if you don’t consider the facts.

Regardless of the ads you may see, most recoveries cannot be done for $99 or even $350.

Approximately 70% of the hard drives we see for data recovery have damage on the disk surfaces and bad head(s) as a result. The only feasible method for recovering the data involves replacing the heads and this means purchasing an exact matching hard drive for cannibalizing head assemblies from. We often consume 3, 4, or even 5 sets of heads in the pursuit of data. Now if a single parts drive costs $80, it isn’t hard to see that the costs add up quickly and if you only get paid if successful how many parts drives will the average DR company buy. Interestingly enough, a lucrative business of selling older hard drives to data recovery companies at ridiculous prices has resulted.

There are many so called recovery companies that are actually marketing companies with little technical skill. Essentially they advertise “too good to be true data recovery pricing” in order to attract as many cases as possible and then recover the easiest cases and declare the rest unrecoverable (a real crime and disservice to everyone).

Providing a fixed rate for data recovery is very difficult.

Every data loss situation is unique and requires different procedures and resources. For example, recovering data from a hard drive may be as simple as running an automated recovery utility to retrieve data inaccessible due to minor NTFS file system damage OR it may require 14 hours of labor and an advanced understanding of NetApp or VMWare to rebuild critical file system structures. And those two scenarios assume the hard drive is working perfectly. In 70% of the time the hard drive is not functioning properly and must be repaired first. This could involve troubleshooting and repairing a bad PCB or replacing the head assembly multiple times in an effort to image off a hard drive with visible rings resulting from a crash.

Will Data Recovery companies that provide flat rate pricing really give each case its due diligence, or will they tend to easily give up on the tougher cases?

So what should I expect? While we can’t give you a “firm fits all scenarios” type price, we can prepare you for what to expect when submitting a case. Below are some guidelines for recovery fees on different types of storage devices.

Hard Drives: Typically, starting prices for a single hard drive recovery starts around $300-600. This price range would be for Level 1 recoveries where the drive is working perfectly, but due to something like formatting your drive, deleting files, or a system restore your data has been lost.

The next category or Level 2 type recoveries includes scenarios where the hard drive has some issues but they can be resolved without requiring clean room work. These recoveries typically cost between $400-700. This would include bad PCB or electronics and firmware or system area issues. The system area is a special area used by the hard drive for its own internal use and is critical to its operation.

The most expensive category, Level 3, is reserved for those situations where your hard drive has physical damage and will require clean-room work. These situations are the most difficult and may require extensive parts, time and other resources. Cost on Level 3 type recoveries start at $700 and can go as high as $1600 or higher.

Flash Devices: Cost for data recovery on USB flash devices starts at $200 for a Level 1 type problem and $300 for a Level 2 problem on a 4GB device ….to $400 for Level 1 and $600 for a level 2 recovery on a 32GB device. Larger devices and SSD drives with level 2 type problems will be more expensive.

RAID, NAS, SAN  & Servers: Multiple drive boxes and RAID data recovery pricing can easily be double that of a single hard drive recovery. Clients requiring multiple drive RAID data recovery should be prepared for fees starting at $1500. However, it is not unusual for RAID recovery fees to be in excess of 5, 10 or even 20K in some situations. Some simpler 2 drive RAIDs, like RAID 0 and RAID 1 may be possible to recover at lower prices.

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We understand that your data, whether it’s your accounting database or a folder of your personal pictures, is very precious. We also understand that nobody wants to pay more than they have to and we’re committed to offering the best chance of recovering your data for the least cost.

  • We are honest and our quotes will not be exaggerated or padded in anyway. In fact, if we find no faults with your storage device we will tell you so. Our pricing starts at ZERO!
  • Except in extreme situations, we never charge for parts.
  • Because our parent company services up to 3000 hard drives a month, we have instant access to more parts drives and at cheaper costs than ANY data recovery company in North America. Besides the fastest recoveries in North America, this allows us to keep our data recovery pricing lower .
  • But even more importantly, we can afford to use more parts and try harder… much harder!
  • Guaranteed results ensure we try harder. If we’re not successful we don’t get paid… period!
  • Experience with more hard drive problems than anyone in North America. With 30 years of experience, we can quickly and efficiently diagnose and recover your data.

If your data is very important please send it to us for your best chance and best data recovery pricing. We are the choice of professionals and in fact almost 70% of our business is repeat customers. Besides recovering data for many of North America’s largest computer service companies, we also do hard drive mechanical work for several smaller less technically capable data recovery companies. When you really need your data back choose wisely!pie chart of pricing components

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